I think traditionally going back, it was liposuction. There's downtime, significant pain, and Cool Sculpt has sort of revolutionized body sculpting where it's actual permanent fat destruction. So it's not shrinking fat but it selectively treats the fat cells, freezes them without damaging your skin or any other system in your body, and then your body's mechanism the macrophages, clean up the damaged cells.

And people get very good results. Obviously, you have to pick the right patient who is a good candidate. It's not a weight reduction system but it's to help treat the areas that are resistant to exercise and dieting. A lot of people have trouble spots and it's really good at targeting those spots and you know, ideal area is the truncal area, people call them the muffin top or love handles or the bra handle fat, so it's used in those areas. Now, it's expanding to areas like thighs, and you know, you can even do some patients in their arm. And there's minimum downtime you know, they can go back to work immediately afterwards, and it doesn't take very long to do it.

It freezes the fat cells selectively, 'cause everything has different freezing points, so you can now use that technology to freeze the fat cells selectively. They don't die off immediately so the fat cells once they're crystallized, they're recognized as abnormal by your body's system. So over a course of time for about three months, your body system basically eliminates those damaged fat cells. Often times, people may need a series of treatment depending on how much improvement they're looking for. It's not an immediate process, but it's a gradual over the course of three months.

The Advantages of CoolSculpting

Doctor Jeanie Leddon discusses the advantages of CoolSculpting compared to traditional liposuction.