Hi, it's Dr. Paul Nassif. I'm answering some blog questions. And one of my questions was, "Dr. Nassif, what is the recovery time for rhinoplasty?" I like to tell patients basically you need two weeks of downtime. What I mean by that is you need one week which you're going to have a cast on, maybe some bruising around your eyes, little stitches in your nose. And maybe some splints inside your nose and they come out in a week. But the second week everything comes off, but you may have some paper brown tape on your nose. So that is the basic time that I tell my patients to take off work, so two weeks.

Take It Easy After Your Nose Surgery: How Long Is the Recovery?

If you're considering a rhinoplasty procedure, you're probably wondering how long you will need to take off from work. Here, Dr. Paul Nassif comments on the average time it takes for a person to heal from such a procedure.