Man: Why don't you tell us what you would like to do?

Woman: I'd like to reduce some of the hollows and sogginess from the loss of fat and collagen in my face.

Man: I want to take you on a tour of your face. You discussed with me in our consultation that you wanted to improve some of the folds of your face and it's not just sun damage, wrinkling and age. It's through loss of volume of the fatty compartment and as this goes down, this fold is more accentuated because this falls. Then we lose some further in the lower cheek that loses support. The jaw can come down a little bit more. We can certainly put a little product right in here to make a straighter angle. We can put product underneath here and yet, first, doing the mid-cheek areas will bring that up and we'll see that our eyes will probably drawn less to these creases.

They won't tend to bother us as much. I think that would be a good plan for you. Bruising can certainly occur. We discussed not to do this right before big social function. We are using an FDA approved device. This product, Radiesse, is approved for soft tissue for filling, and it works very nicely. We will be mixing it though. We can add anesthetic which is an off-label indication. It comes out of the package and it would hurt a little bit if we place it in that way so we'll mix a little anesthetic with it. Okay?

By filling in the pre-jowl sulcus, we have a much straighter angle here and I can put a little bit more Radiesse here to give a better angle in the jaw.

Anti-Aging Treatment: Take a Tour of a Patient's Face Who Is Considering Radiesse Injections

Dr. Ronald Shelton performs a consultation with a patient who is considering injections of Radiesse to mask the effects of aging on her face.