Hi, my name is Dr. Paul Nassif. I'm answering face lift blog questions on my YouTube channel. This one came in actually local from Beverly Hills. "How do I address excessive fat in the face and neck?" Okay. Well, let's talk about me for example. Two years ago, I probably weighed 26 pounds heavier. I converted a lot of that fat in some muscle but basically weight loss. If you're overweight and you'll lose weight, you're going to notice it in your face. It's going to go down pretty significantly. If it's something you can't get rid of or you're not overweight but you just have a fattier face, then we have to think about what kind of surgical procedures or nonsurgical procedures can we do and some of the things we can do is do liposuction especially the neck and the jowlings. If someone comes in which has extremely large really thick, what we call buccal pads, this fullness right here, and we look at their parents and their parents also have fullness, we can do buccal fat removal which is a little bit of fat here.

We just have to be careful because if you do it in a wrong patient, they can appear like this after 5-6 years, too hollow. So the most important thing of all is weight loss and if you're older and you'll lose weight, then you'll start noticing more hanging skin but then we can do a lift on that and it's pretty much like doing after weight loss surgery or massive weight loss, you have this extra hanging skin on the face, neck, body, stomach, tummy, everything. So we can do surgeries to remove that excess skin. Okay, hope this helps. Thanks.

When Weight Loss Doesn't Work: Surgical Fat Reduction in the Face and Neck

If you have excessive fat in the face and neck, facial plastic surgery can help! Dr. Paul Nassif offers procedures such as liposuction and buccal fat removal to slim down these areas.