Dr. Steven Weiner: I'm demonstrating a new Spectra Laser, Spectra Peel or Spectra Photofacial and you see my patient here has a carbon on her skin which the laser gets attracted to. This is a huge lip laser. So it does several things. What it does is it rejuvenates the skin and makes the pores smaller. It tones the skin. It helps with the scarring and helps with the acne all at once. It's about a 10-minute procedure. It involves a few passes of the laser at different settings. I've already done one pass with the laser on the Spectra level. Now, I'm doing it with the 1064 Q-Switched laser.

Now what this laser does is it's attracted to this carbon on her skin. We'll leave up there for 15 minutes and it evaporates it, but actually note that evaporating that carbon pigment causes the skin to heat up and those previous parts that I just told you about. So let's start and you'll see how quick and easy this is. You see, the laser is attracted to the pigment and very little discomfort or any sensation. It just evaporates the pigmentation of the carbon. This laser is also used for tattoos so you see it's very attracted for tattoos.

You can see how the skin looked nice and toned and refreshed, and there is really no downtime for this. Maybe some slight redness but you get immediate skin tightening and toning.

Spectra Laser Peel

Doctor Steven Weiner discusses the Spectra Laser Peel.