WonderLift was my solution to a problem that I was seeing with a number of patients that had mild to moderate problems in the lower face and neck, and the classic, traditional full face neck and face-lift was a bit much. It's a way of solving those types of problems that don't require these bigger solutions with smaller incisions.

But it's true surgery. It's not something that's magic. It's surgery, but we are eliminating some of the more offensive large incisions, and in the select patient that fits that category of mild to moderate, it delivers the same results. When I first started the WonderLift, back then, I called an Extended Mini Lift, so it was kind of in that category except it delivers much more result than a true Mini Lift does, but the recovery time, the healing time, somewhat similar to the Mini Lift.

Absolutely. A bald person can do it because I do it, 20% of my practice is men and a lot of men nowadays are shaving their heads. So the incision, one part starts right here in the sideburn. So temporarily, if a guy does shave his head, I tell him, let it get a little grown out. But the incision here heals quite quickly. Then it falls into this natural crease right in front of the ear and then a small extension comes back behind the ear and that's the end of the incision.

There is healing time, but socially presentable, typically within a week. And in women who have hair, I have a lot of them back at work in four to five days. Now, some people have a little more swelling, a little more bruising, but if that's minimal, in women, makeup works. So it's the guys that have to hang out a little longer. But you're aware you're healing. It's not like you're not aware of it. But could you be out for dinner a week later with people and a woman just laying her hair a certain way, nobody would know.

But true results don't finish for a number of months and then you're looking for results that last for a number of years. So typically, you'd want to see results go somewhere between five to ten years.

All of them are minimally painful. It's kind of the equivalent, if I walked up to you, gave you a little punch in the arm tonight, you would say, "Boy, what a goofy guy, my arm's sore." So it's a level of pain associated with more of a bruise. That's not to say that the first day, day and a half, people aren't using pain medications. But with a Mini Lift and a WonderLift, that's usually done in 24 to 36 hours. And a lot of people are just taking Tylenol or nothing.

Smaller Incisions With the WonderLift Facelift Targets Just What You Need

Dr. Harold Kaplan explains his WonderLift procedure and how it is a medium lift between a mini lift and a full facelift with shorter incisions.