Hey, this is Dr. Rick, a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. A common question I get from patients when they ask about breast augmentation is what size implant should I use. This seems to cause a lot of stress for a lot of patients and really it's quite simple. Let me use an analogy that might help you understand how to size an implant for the breast. Everyone desires a different size and shape and look. Well, when you go to buy a shoes, your foot has a specific size, let's say, size six. So when I measure the diameter of your breast, that's equivalent to the foot size. Shoes also come in flats, medium height and high-profile shoes or high heels. Implants come the same way. They come in flatter styles, middle style and tall style. So when you're picking the style of shoe, that equates to a low-profile, moderate profile or high-profile. The measurement of your breast, the diameter of your breast is like the size of your shoe. You would never buy a size 10 shoe if you're a size 6. So what the surgeon's job is to get that measurement correct. Once I know the size of your breast, then we have to decide which look are you going for, the high heel look, the flat look or somewhere in between. So it's very easy when you see your surgeon to talk about what type of breast implant size you should get. It's really based on the size of the diameter of your chest wall. So when you come to see me, that's the kind of analysis that we'll go through to decide which implant is best for you. There are a lot of other things to discuss, silicone versus saline, we could talk about that when we get together. Hope this helps. See you next time.

Sizing Breast Implants: Profile and Diameter Considerations

Dr. Richard Brown discusses how he helps you determine which size implants to get with your breast augmentation surgery.