Dr. Rick for another Question of the Day. Patients will ask, "After a tummy tuck, when can I do sit-ups?"

That all depends. In patients traditionally with a tummy tuck, we tighten up the abdominal muscles and so in those patients that have that done, a minimum of six weeks. And at six weeks, we just take it slow and start increasing your activity allowing you to do sit-ups as long as everything is healed properly.

For patients who don't have to have a plication, or tightening of the abdominal muscles, you may be able to get back to that sooner, but there still is the risk of the incisions splitting open. You really need a good six weeks to have the maximum strength in the scar. Usually, for most patients, it's six weeks, and an occasional rare patient, maybe sooner. But in general, six weeks before you do those sit-ups.

But after your tummy tuck, you're going to be able to see those abs, so I hope that helps. Talk to you later.

Sitting Out the Sit-Ups After a Tummy Tuck

When can I start doing sit-ups after a tummy tuck? Dr. Richard Brown discusses when it is okay to start doing sit-ups after a Tummy Tuck procedure.