Lisa: Hi, my name's Lisa. I'm 22 years old and I'm a registered nurse at a major medical facility, and I want a breast augmentation. I'm a very active person. I participate in duathlons, triathlons, and marathons, so I do quite a bit of running, biking and swimming. I want an operation that is not going to damage my chest muscles but will allow me to have a speedy recovery so I can get back into the gym and train for those events.
I want something that looks very natural, that will give me more cleavage, wider, fuller breasts, an increase in cup size that will still be proportional to my body. I definitely don't want that fake upper round bulge on the upper part of my chest, but I want something that's going to make me look sexy in a bikini, more feminine in cute dresses, and also will be comfortable in a sports bra.
This is me currently in a sports bra. I am an A cup right now and I want a breast augmentation to become a full B. I would like more cleavage here, more wider fuller breast right here, but I don't want that obvious fake round bulge in the upper part of my chest.
Dr. Sadove: Lisa, this is a caliper, and with this, we'll measure an implant that fits your chest and needs exactly. So the first thing we're going to do is measure the height of the implant, and we measure that from the bottom of your breast to the point where we want your breast to stop. Then we know exactly that this is how tall of an implant that you need. Next, we measure the width of the implant that we want. We look where we want your cleavage to stop, and we want the outside of your breast to stop. This is how wide of an implant that you need, exactly right here. The last thing that we do is we make a decision about what's called a projection. You have a nicely projected breast, so we don't need a lot of projection. So in this way we can select an implant that fits your chest exactly, instead of the old way, where it was only two-dimensional thinking.
Lisa: This rounded implant is as tall as it is wide, and it will give me more cleavage and a wider, fuller breast, but it will also give me that round obvious fake upper bulge. This implant on the other hand will give me the cleavage and a wider, fuller breast, but will not have that unnatural fake upper bulge.
Today is the day of my surgery, and as a registered nurse I know how important it is to have your operation in a very safe and secure location. So I'm having my operation at North Florida Surgical Pavilion with Dr. Sadove and his staff. I'm not really nervous because I have a lot of confidence in him to give me the results that I am desiring.
Hey guys, I'm getting ready for surgery. I got my IV in and I'm a little nervous, but I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Sadove that he'll give me the results that I'm wanting. We'll see what it looks like after.
Dr. Sadove: So these are the Sientra implants that we talked about. They're the only cohesive anatomic formed shaped implants that are on the market today. It's exactly to the size and shape and dimensions to fit your body exactly.
Lisa: Okay.
Dr. Sadove: Okay, good.
Lisa: Hey guys, I just got home from surgery and I'm feeling pretty good. I have about a 2 out of 10 pain. They were treating my pain once I got out of surgery and I have medication at home that I can take from 4 to 6 hours, so I'm really happy with the results. I already looked in the mirror and I'm just going to rest up and go from there.
Today is my post-op day number 4 and right now I'm about a 1 out of 10 pain. I just have a little bit of soreness right here in my incision site and I still have a little bit of swelling, but I've still been icing and using Advil to control my pain. For the first 72 hours, I was not supposed to raise my hands above my head. Now that I can do it, it doesn't hurt really bad but it still hurts to pick up heavy things, so I've been avoiding picking that up and exerting my chest muscles because they're still a little bit sore.
It's post-op day number 6 and I'm feeling great still. No pain at all. I'm going back to work today at the hospital and I'll be working 12-hour shifts for today and tomorrow. I can't wait to get back into working out.
This is me in the same pink top one year later. I now have the size I want. My cup size is now a full B, small C, I have increased breast width, increased cleavage, without that fake exaggerated upper chest fullness. They are soft and feel natural. To me, these are finally an alternative to round implants. They are more true to the shape of a woman's breasts.
So this is me in a padded underwire bikini top, and if I still wanted an exaggerated cleavage look, I can still achieve it. If I did not want that I can just wear a sports bra or a regular bra that doesn't have any underwire.
This is one year after my breast augmentation and my breast have really improved, very natural. They are soft and they've settled in very nicely. ...

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