Interviewer: Let's roll into breast augmentation and the new anatomically shaped implants. What are they and how do they differ from the traditional implants?

Respondent: Well for the longest time, we in the United States have been limited to using round breast implants, and they've served us well through the years, given us beautiful results, and for the most part, people have been happy. But they have produced in a lot of cases, especially ladies that have very small amounts of their own breast tissue or ladies that don't want to have a fuller, rounder upper part of the breast-- we call it the upper pole or the upper cleavage-- the round implants have sometimes produced an unwanted fullness or roundness to the shape of the breast there. And therefore, the implant manufacturers have developed a shaped implant. I have a couple of them here just to demonstrate.

These implants, as you can see, have more of a teardrop shape. This is one made by one of the companies called Sientra, and this is one made by another company called Mentor. They're both very similar in that the gel is solid. It doesn't leak or run, and it's shaped, we call it anatomically. It tends to have less fullness or projection on the top part of the breast and more down toward the bottom.

For those ladies that want more of a "natural" look to their breasts and not so much roundness and fullness, this is a really good choice. It's not something that I think is going to take over the entire breast implant market, but it's going to sort of find its niche. And I've really been putting a lot of these in and been very happy with the results, and the patients have been very happy with the results of those, as well.

Sientra Breast Implants Now Anatomically Shaped

Dr. Joseph Grzeskiewicz explains that patients in the U.S. now have the option of anatomically shaped, or teardrop, implants, which provide fullness to the bottom of the breast while keeping a more natural looking slope or angle in the upper pole.