David Amron: The tummy or the stomach is also very, very common for liposuction surgery both in men and in women. When I do the stomach, I generally break into two different ways of doing it. Either I'm doing just the central abdomen, usually the upper and lower abdomen by itself, whether it's a man or a woman, or I'm doing somebody circumferentially all the way around their waist, their lateral abdomen, their hip and flank unit to create a proper contour and shape. And you really have to determine before you're doing the surgery which category somebody is in. You do not want to do somebody that needs circumferential liposuction all the way around only in their central abdomen because you're going to tend to flatten them, and they can look wider.

But it has to be done very precisely as with any area of liposuction surgery. In a man that is going to create a beautiful V shape through the abdomen and flank area of the units. In a woman, it's going to bring that area down and create a more contoured, defined waistline. But in a woman, it's important to understand the role that looseness of the muscles kind of plays into that, and if a woman has had children and is pregnant, liposuction alone can be a great tool to make the improvement, as long as her skin tone is reasonable. If it's gone too loose, then liposuction may or may not be considered, and possibly an abdominoplasty procedure is a consideration.


Liposuction on the Abdomen.

Doctor David Amron discusses Liposuction of the abdomen.