Dr. Michael Schwartz: The first thing they need to know is that this is new so they need to do their homework. There's not a lot of docs out there that have experience so there are going to be some people out there that are going to use this more as a marketing ploy, as opposed to 'Is this in their best interest?' So the very first thing they should do is do their homework and find some people that have experience. You don't want to go do the new thing just because it's new. You want to do the new thing if it's best for you, and it isn't best for everyone. Having said that, I do think there are some pretty significant advantages to these new implants that in the right patient are going to make a big difference, not only in their cosmetic result, but in their long term result and in their safety. So there are great opportunities to do better breast surgery than we've ever had before. The most typical time that a woman is a great candidate for this is when she doesn't have a lot of her own breast shape. There's a lot of young women who come into the practice who are very, very small. Their breast doesn't have a well defined shape and yet they'd like a reasonable amount of volume. And if you put a round implant in, it looks very much like an implant, and even if you use a silicon implant it's still not as natural as they might like it to be. With a shaped implant you get a beautiful breast that if you even look at the devices you can see how that shape is going to look, and it really plays out after surgery. Their result is full but it's natural. It has a tremendously more authentic shape in the upper part of the breast and yet they can have the fullness that they've come to look for without the shelfier implant look. There's really never been a better time to consider breast augmentation. It doesn't mean it's the right surgery for everyone. It doesn't mean any particular implant is the right one for everyone, but the opportunity and the options that are available are probably better now than ever and that's what I tell everyone. I think that I can be a better breast surgeon today because we finally have new implant options available that each woman has better choices with and that's exciting.

Shaped Breast Implants Allow a More Customized Result For Each Woman

Dr. MIchael Schwartz helps explain why these new shaped implants may help you achieve an even better result than ever before.