I think the most important factor for picking your plastic surgeon is to find someone who has experience with the procedure, but also to find someone who you feel comfortable with. That comfort level should come from the surgeon educating you about the procedure and making you feel comfortable with knowing what you need to know before and after the procedure, and just from having a good feeling about the surgeon in general.

I think one of the best steps to avoiding anxiety about surgery is to be very careful where patients look online for information. There are excellent resources online but there are also a lot of horror stories that represent an individual bad experience or someone who's just trying to be inflammatory. So I think avoiding reading too many of the complications or bad experiences could really be an important factor.

In our office personally, we really like to help patients avoid anxiety. So they get a cellphone number for one of our staff members or for me, and they could call us when they have any questions. We do give oral sedation for the procedure. So most of my patients have their prescription for Valium or Percocet the day before. If they need to, they can take a Valium the night before the procedure to help themselves relax.

On the day of the procedure, we do have them take a Valium in the office. We have Google TV in all our rooms. We have them pick a movie or a television series on Netflix and they just relax in the room and watch T.V. until we're ready to get started.

Selecting a Labiaplasty Surgeon

Dr. Dana M. Goldberg shares insights on how to select the right doctor for a Labiaplasty and how to reduce anxiety before your operation.