Hello, this is Dr. Steven Pernickle [SP]. I want to talk about a topic that's actually very commonly discussed in my practice, and that's the issue of scarring, okay? Some patients, let's say, have had a procedure such as an abdominoplasty or a C-section or some abdominal surgery. And they have a bad looking scar.

And some people will take that information and extrapolate it to mean that they're going to have a bad looking scar on their face should they have a procedure, such a rhinoplasty or a facelift or an eyelid surgery. And the truth is that's really not true because the face has a great blood supply and has great, what I call, adnexal structures. In other words, a lot of hair follicles, sebaceous glands, things like that which allow the patient to heal very well.

So just because you have a scar that does not look good in another area of your body does not necessarily mean that you're going to have a bad looking scar on your face, especially if you see a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. I hope this is helpful. Thank you.

Scars on the Face Will Likely Heal Better Than Those on the Body

How will a scar on the face heal? Dr. Prendiville reviews the way scars heal on the face and the lack of correlation with scars on other areas of the body.