Dr. David Amron: I commonly get asked from patients where the scars are from liposuction surgery itself. But remember, these are small, little incisions if they're done properly. They're about two or three millimeters in length. They're little, tiny slits in the skin that usually heal in beautifully, not even needing a stitch. They close up usually within about a day. Rarely do they hyper-pigment or become red and thicken. And, usually, after a week or so, you can barely find the incisions themselves. But, really, where you place the incisions is so important, in terms of perfecting the result. Over the 18 years I've been doing this procedure, I have really defined in every single area of the body I deal with, whether it's the arms, or the inner thighs, or the outer thighs, or the neck, or the abdomen, where to place the incisions.

I so commonly see incisions done by other surgeons that don't make sense to me, at all. You don't want to place your incisions within the zone that you're doing the liposuction itself. You want to approach it from around the area. You don't want to just do a whole area from only one incision. You'll never get a complete result in the area, or perfectly smooth result in the area. So, again, these incisions usually heal in beautifully, and it's important where the incisions are placed. You do not want to avoid placing the incision in an important area because you're concerned about having a mark in that area. Usually, these heal in beautifully.

Scarring After Liposuction Surgery

Dr. David Amron discusses Scarring After Liposuction Surgery.