This is Dr. Nassif, and when we talk about rhinoplasty, we really have to discuss one very important thing. What is the recovery time?

I tell patients, especially if they fly in, that they need to spend about two weeks with me in Los Angeles. If they're in town, I want them to take it easy for two weeks. They're going to have a cast on their nose for a week. They're going to have basically tape on their nose for the second week. It'll be pretty swollen. The bruising could last anywhere between two and three weeks. The swelling of the tip will probably take about a good 3 months for about 60 percent of the swelling to go down as long as you follow my instructions. At 9 months, maybe it's 70 percent. At a year, maybe 85 to 90 percent. And even up to two to three years, you're still going to have some swelling go down. So I'm going to basically say two years would be the magic number to have your swelling go down.

Your profile looks good in about three or four weeks. Sometimes, you'll have some swelling right in the area here where you need a little bit of shots, something called 5-FU and Kenalog. These are little injections that we give to help with the swelling. You could also do hyperbaric oxygen for the swelling, which really helps you heal and gets 100 percent of pure, compressed oxygen into your bloodstream, which basically filters in your nose. We can use plivelich plasma in surgery, which helps with all these growth factors that heal your nose. We can use ultrasound and our Aubrey, our obstetrician can use ultrasound to help you heal better. So these are all things in addition to taking the medications, taking the nutraceuticals, keeping your pores clean, and we can help with the HydraFacial with that.

Follow the instructions and not doing too much activity until I give you the time, which would be maybe four weeks you could use some exercise. Have your head elevate while you're sleeping. Sleeping on three pillows. Don't sleep on your side. Don't wear glasses. All these things will help and aid and speed up your recovery. Thank you very much.

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