I'm not sure what I need to have done. I just know I don't like my nose.

This is not an uncommon question brought into my office and I'd like to do a little bit of an analogy here. Let's say that you are redoing your living room or your apartment and you just don't like it. You don't like the furniture, you don't like the color, you know you really don't like it and you want to bring in an expert and you bring in an interior designer and that interior designer comes in and says, "I think we should do the walls blue and bring in this carpet, etc." And yet you sort of look around saying, "You know, I don't really like that. I mean, I know I'm not good at it but I really don't like your taste." So you may go to another interior designer or let's say even the way you get dress. You don't like your clothing and so you may go to a stylist or ask a friend to help you, and their recommendations, you don't feel the same way, you don't love it. You sort of feel the same way you did before, "I sort of don't like what you're recommending."

The same is true for rhinoplasty. You may not like what it is that you're seeing but I'll give advice or your facial plastic surgeon will give you advice, but it doesn't mean that you have to like it. It's a dialogue, it's a communication. And if you like certain features of the change or the recommendations, then go with it. If you don't like and you're still not sure, then I would strongly advise you not to have the rhinoplasty.

Not everyone is a candidate for rhinoplasty or any cosmetic change to the face or body. They have to know and the surgeon has to understand what it is that you want to accomplish. The goal has to be shared by both parties. So please think about it before you actually procede with undergoing your rhinoplasty and make sure that you and your surgeon are on the same length. We have a term here in our office, it's called the unified vision, and that means that both you and I have one vision of what it is we want to achieve.

One way to actually establish that incidentally is through a process of virtual surgery or morphing so your photograph is taken, put on a computer and actually changed. In our office we have 3D morphings so you can actually see the changes that are done in 3D.

Rhinoplasty Consultation: Don't Be Afraid To Say No

Dr. Philip Miller explains that while your surgeon may have been around the block few times with thousands of nose surgeries, you ultimately may not share his or her vision for your nose. This is okay. Just don't be afraid to speak up about it!