Hey, Dr. Rick for another question of the day. After rhinoplasty, patients will oftentimes ask me, "How long before I can exercise?" or "How long will I have to take time off?" So all of my rhinoplasty patients, I really like for them to wait a minimum of six weeks. Being that said, every rhinoplasty is different. If I don't have to fracture the nasal bones, that's a lot less trauma to the face to reposition the bones. So some patients I will allow to get back to cardiac activity within three to four weeks.
I definitely will not let people do cardio activity prior to three weeks simply because the increased blood flow to the face increases swelling, which can also increase pain. It can also cause more bleeding. So minimum three weeks off, and then at that time if I assess you in the office to decide, "Are you a patient who's okay to move forward, and start doing cardiac activity or not?" So it's really customized to the patient, but a minimum of three weeks and generally six weeks before you get back to your full activity.
Hope that helps and I'll see you next time.

Rhinoplasty and the Gym: When Is It Safe to Get Back to Your Workout?

Dr. Richard Brown discusses when it's safe to exercise after getting a nose job.