Hi, Dr. Tom Hedge here with my weekly Dental Minute. You know, we have a lot of patients that have TMJ. They may need to have their bite adjusted, but most commonly we don't just rush right in and adjust their bite.

We set them up with a tangient which is a couple of little pads that go here and here and one behind your neck. It puts small pulses of a little bit of electricity to relax your muscles, get good physiology going, good blood flow [inaudible 00:00:29] your lymphatics, and generally get the muscles healthy. So then we can use our computer to adjust your bite. We have you bite on a little wafer, and it shows on a computer screen where your contact points are. That tells me where to adjust in your mouth.

It's a very innovative and unique approach to adjusting a bite. And if you have a need for it, this is the place. Come see us.

Relief From TMJ Comes With New Non-Invasive Technology

Dr. Tom Hedge describes a technique to adjust a TMJ splint or teeth using TENS--Trans Electrical Neurostimulation--to relax the muscles and a T-Scan computerized scan to adjust the bite.