Let me just urge all of your users for the site to always include their photos. A good answer or a good response to a RealSelf question regarding rhinoplasty really requires several views of the nose -- the frontal, right side, left side, and then the submental or what we call the worm's-eye view. Some people like to do the bird's eye view which is from above. The worm's-eye view from below, bird's eye view from above, right and left lateral, and a frontal.

Now once that's submitted, now the patient's shopping for a rhinoplasty. They want to see what the profile and the tip look like. Check the profile and check the tip. Just as with the breast, there are very measurable aspects of the nose that we can use to describe and identify why the nose really looks good. The length has to be a certain length. The width has to be within a certain range. The base diameter, the nostril width, and the profile. It's interesting that a good profile really is demonstrated by the relationship between the dorsum and the tip. Dorsum, tip. That relationship, if that's ideal, you'll intuitively see a very attractive nose. If that relationship is in any way disjointed, you will automatically know it. You won't know what you're seeing but you'll see that it's not very attractive.

RealSelf Rhinoplasty Questions: Tips For Getting the Best Answer From a Surgeon

Dr. Thomas Trevisani offers RealSelf users tips for getting the best answers to their rhinoplasty questions.