There's a couple of things you should think about before you have a consultation with your dentist. Most people don't think about the consult visit as being really important but it is. There's a lot of questions you should consider before you make your appointment to understand exactly what you're going to ask your dentist so you can get things answered in a timely manner and not leave thinking "Oh, I should have asked this or that." So, really think about why you're making the appointment.

For instance, if a person's going to do an appointment just to see if they're a candidate for dental veneers, they're going to think about "why do I want veneers? What shape would I like my veneers to be? Can I collect some photographs of people's teeth that I love? Why exactly am I going to think that veneers are going to solve the issue that I think is mine?" Some patients come in thinking that they need dental veneers or whitening but there's other options available. If you have those questions ready, you'll have a great consultation with the dentist.

Prepare Yourself With These Questions Before Your Dental Consultation

Dr. Kathy Frazar explains how to prepare for a dental consultation and recommends several questions with which patients should come prepared.