Hi, it's Dr. Lowenstein here in Santa Barbara. Just real quick, I want to talk about the pre-operative instructions that you're going to get from me or your surgeon.
A lot of surgeons, like myself, like for you to stop all of your non-prescribed medications. And the reason for this is, to minimize any opportunity for bleeding. A lot of these over the counter medications have some degree of anti-coagulation involved in them, and, during your surgery, we want to make sure that you're not bleeding excessively. So, that's the reason that your doctor's going to ask you to stop a lot of the fish oils, and herb supplements, and things like that.
Certainly, if you're on medications, then you're going to want to run that by your physician, and they can discuss with you what's the best thing to continue, and what's not good to continue. And frankly, if there's anything that's questionable, in my practice, we're going to very thoroughly discuss this with your primary care doctor, and make sure that everybody's on the same page. We don't want to stop any medications that are absolutely necessary for your health, and again, always kind of cross our ts and dot our is.
But, on the whole, you want to make sure you have good communication with your surgeon, and really have an understanding of why we're asking what we're asking in the pre-operative period. It's just to maximize your care. Thanks.

Preoperative Instructions: What Should You Do To Ensure a Smooth Surgery?

Dr. David Lowenstein discusses the reasoning behind why a surgeon may ask the patient to cease any non-prescription medication in advance of a procedure.