Dr. Sabrina Fabi: I have a lot of women that come in wanting some type of rejuvenation. They look at themselves in the mirror and they feel like they look tired, but they can't quite identify what it is. And I think the reason they can't quite point it out to something specifically is because the aging face is so dynamic. We're losing some level of bone, especially as women after the age of 25, it's not just happening in our hips and our femurs. It's happening in our faces as well. We're having some level of remodeling and repositioning of our boning structures, as well as loss of fat. And we know that we lose collagen production with each decade of life. And it's not just at the level very superficially of the skin, but even deeper.

Collagen enwraps a lot of our muscular structures, and there's actually a plane that's commonly surgically operated on to lift and pull in facelift procedures. And so understanding the dynamic process that's occurring with the face as it ages allows me to be able to fine tune the plan that I have for my patients to optimize their results and give them a natural aesthetic appearance. I think that perhaps it's the problem with people and certain people are walking around and looking, and it unfortunately gives cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dermatology a bad name. But I think when you have a deeper understanding about what's happening anatomically at all the different stages, you can address each one separately. And so it's nice to have a lot of tools in my tool kit.

We have over 45 different lasers and devices in our practice, so that allows me to customize the procedure for my patients, and choose the right one that's going to address what concerns them, whether it's pigment or redness, whether it's blood vessels, whether they have volume loss of they're complaining of hollowness under the eyes, or a little bit of heaviness of their brow. I can do filler out in the temples or out preauricularly in front of the ear to essentially lift the face with a liquid facelift we call it. And I use combinations of anything from Sculptra to our Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm and Restalyn. And to address the deeper layers where up until now, surgeons have been classically operating on to lift the face and neck, I can use something like Ultherapy to stimulate collagen at those planes. So that I'm addressing each plane individually so that the patient can have a more natural aesthetic result and not looked on.

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Doctor Sabrina Fabi explains the dynamic process that happens as the face ages and she is able to address these issues.