The only thing that I know of or have heard of that can damage implants are violent injuries, for example, a gunshot wound or a stabbing or a seat belt. I've seen seat belts pop some of the older implants. But generally speaking, cabin pressure changes in a plane should not effect the integrity of a breast implant.

Not likely, if the mammographer is so aggressive... Because remember, with mammogram, you actually have to kind of squeeze the breast between two plates, so the X-ray can me taken. If the mammographer is so aggressive that it's overdone, I suppose it's possible. But in the 30 years I've been doing this, I've never ever seen that occur.

POP Goes the Implant: Airplanes and Mammograms

A ruptured implant is never welcome. Dr. Thomas Trevisani addresses several situations that may or may not mean trouble for your implants.