Hi Steph Laurence here in Santa Barbara. I want to talk a little bit about costs of plastic surgery. Very frequently asked on real self is how much does a particular procedure cost and it's a very very difficult question to answer. Because it really depends on a lot of things.
Overhead is going to be a big factor in how much the surgeon is going to charge you because, frankly if it costs a surgeon a lot more to to rent a space in say Manhattan, versus rent a space somewhere else in the country, then that cost is going to be passed on to you. And so a New York plastic surgeon may be more expensive than somebody who's in Maryland or Vermont, or something like that. I'm from Maryland so I can say that.
Here in Santa Barbara you know most of our costs are generally around the same and most of our cost to our patients throughout the community are generally similar. So you need to realize that different people are going to charge different amounts corresponding to their overhead. The other thing to remember is that, to some degree, you get what you pay for. I have heard of surgeons who charge far less than others, mostly people that are not real plastic surgeons, certainly not board-certified. But they charge very very low rates and do surgery without anesthesia, without sterile techniques, have horrific complications, and again patients have paid not very much for their surgery, but they are day unfortunately paying the price in hospitalization.
And I have even personally seen some problems that required extended ICU stays because of country plastic surgeries. So here's what I suggest Make some Calls asked the plastic surgeons that you're potentially interested in seeing to give you some estimates over the phone, we do that here in Santa Barbara. And go talk to different plastic surgeons and get several estimates as well as opinions. And find a plastic surgeon that you're comfortable with as a surgeon, you like there before and after photos, and they have a reasonable cost to you. And really that's gonna be the best way to find somebody is going to give you the best care for reasonable price, an appropriate price, and you're going to get a good safe operation with somebody you're comfortable with. So that's my recommendations regarding costs and plastic surgery. I hope that helps. Best wishes take care.

Plastic Surgery Costs Vary Depending on Location and Surgeon Experience

Dr. Adam Lowenstein addresses common factors that come into play when a surgeon decides on the prices of their procedures and recommends several steps you can take to ensure you get the best price, care, and results possible.