Okay, Dr. Rick here for a question of the day, or more of an issue. I've had a couple of people ask me when do you turn patients away from surgery or how do you decide who needs and who doesn't need surgery. To me that's a very simple answer. My job is to listen to the patient, evaluate what they're looking for, and then translate that into whether they need surgical intervention or they can have non-surgical intervention. So when a patient I feel is being unrealistic and wants a procedure that I don't think is right, I'll never operate on that patient. I only operate on patients that I feel need a procedure. So that question to me is very simple. I listen to the patient, I evaluate what their needs are, and I translate that into a treatment plan that's either surgical or non-surgical. I hope that helps and I'll see you next time.

Why Would a Plastic Surgeon Turn a Patient Down For a Procedure?

Dr. Richard Brown discusses when he would turn away a patient for plastic surgery.