Let's talk a little bit about facelift procedures. There's some confusion about what a facelift is versus a mini-lift, versus a full facelift, versus the weekend neck lift. What I like to think about is the face in terms of regions. I tell my patients it's really a multiple choice test. We call the cheek and the mid face, Area A. So cheek, mid face, Area A. B is really the jowl and the jaw line. C is the neck and the chin. So A, B, and C.

So the type facelift that you're the best candidate for really depends upon what concerns you, A, B, C, some of the above, or all of the above. So in our terminology we refer to a facelift as a procedure that addresses A, B, and C. A facelift lifts the cheek and the mid face, A. A facelift adds definition to and improves the jowl and the jaw line, which we're calling Region B. And then C facelift also improves this area, the neck, the chin, Area C. So facelift A, B, and C.

Whats a mini-lift? A mini-lift is something that does less than the facelift. In my experience, in my hands, I refer to a mini-lift as procedure that really just helps to improve the jaw line, help to improve the jowl, and rejuvenate the neck and the chin, so really B and C. So facelift A, B, C. Mini-lift, B and C.

And then our laser assisted weekend neck lift is a procedure that really helps to improve C alone, the chin, the neck, this area through here. So facelift A, B, and C. Mini-lift B and C. Laser assisted weekend neck lift, C alone. So the procedure you're a best candidate for really depends upon what concerns you. So now let's throw in a curve ball.

Some patients will use the term full facelift. I'm not really sure what a full facelift is. I think when most patients and some doctors use the term full facelift, I think they're really talking about a facelift A, B, and C, plus upper and lower eyelid surgery, plus perhaps brow lift or forehead lift. So I think when some people use the term full facelift they are really referring to rejuvenation of the full face, neck, jaw line, eyes, and brow. I don't like the term full facelift. Instead, I prefer the strict terminology that refers to the areas that we're improving. Facelift for A, B, and C, upper and lower eyelid surgery are for rejuvenating around the eyes, and then perhaps brow lift or forehead lift that are for lifting the brows and improving that area.

So that's my definition of full facelift, facelift, mini-lift, and then of course our laser assisted weekend neck lift.

Facelift: Top 3 Techniques

With so many options to choose from when considering surgical face rejuvenation, Dr. Ross Clevens explains the difference between the three top choices.