Recommendation for patients who are coming for these procedures out of town.

First of all, come with some anticipation of being prepared for this. You should arrive at least one to three days before your procedure so that all the necessary arrangements can be undertaken.

Secondly, plan to stay long enough for your recovery to be monitored by your surgeon. The last thing I want is a patient to have surgery and then run out before I can actually be certain that their recovery is satisfactory and then subsequently have to hear if they're having problems from a long distance location.

It's very difficult to help patients with these problems. Even though they're rare, they do happen with some frequency and you do need to be able to handle them and they will not be able to find anybody locally, in their community, who will be comfortable in treating these complications.

So having enough time in the postoperative period to be taken care of here for your surgery is absolutely paramount for the outcome of your results.

Must-Know Tips If You're Planning an Out-of-Town Surgery

Dr. Mel Ortega provides a few helpful tips for those patients who are planning an out-of-town surgical procedure.