Male Voice: Using a unique combination of a topically applied product and special lights now, we can both improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin as well as eliminate precancerous areas all at once. So when someone comes in the office to be treated, we prepare the skin, apply this drug, and then they wait. They can read a book or just hang out.

After an hour and a half or so, the drug will have localized to sun-damaged or precancerous areas and can then be activated by a special light. Those areas over the course of the following several days will flake off and peel away, leaving fresh skin behind.

It's important to avoid the sun for 24 to 36 hours afterwards, and this is really important if you live a distance from us, have to travel to get here because the car ride home can even be an issue.

Approximately 80% or eight in ten of the precancerous areas will be removed by this treatment, and 94% of patients who are treated find that their skin looks better as well. So if you think that you may have sun damage with both precancerous areas as well as just some spots you're not happy with, using this unique combination of drugs and light, we can accomplish both medical benefit as well as cosmetic benefit.


Treating Sun Damage

Doctor Brian Biesman discusses sun damage treatment.