Hi, my name is Dr. Paul Nassif and I'm answering facelift questions for my YouTube channel. This question came into us from Glendale, California. Since I live in Los Angeles and we get sun year around, when can I go in the sun after a facelift?

Boy, I hear this all the time. First of all, I'm going to tell you never. Get spray tans. The problem is, you're going to get prematurely aged, besides skin cancer, wrinkling, sun damage, if you get in the sun. But, if you have to get in the sun, you want to make sure you're wearing a big rim hat, you want to wait, because it will cause more swelling if it's immediate, but maybe three months after surgery, a big hat, a lot of sunscreen and you have to reapply sunscreen every four hours. Also, you want to make sure you're using a good skincare product and soon, you'll have my Nassif MD skincare coming out. Stay tuned for that.

So, just be very, very careful but I don't want you laying out in the sun. It's the worst thing that will age you. I mean, I laid out in the sun when I was a kid. I got some skin cancer, right there. So, be careful. Plus, all these little wrinkles and all that stuff is all from that, especially since I'm only 32. Of course, if you believe that... Anyway, hope I answered your question. Thank you.

Out and About After a Facelift: When Can I Lay Out in the Sun?

Dr. Paul Nassif explains when a patient can expect to go back to laying out in the sun after a facelift. Hint: NEVER!