Okay, there's a question about gynecomastia, what do we do for men? There is actually epidemics in men having large breasts and it couses them quite a bit of mental anguish where for years they can't show off in the swimming pool, on the beach, because of the enlarged breast and they are perfectly healthy. What we do for these men is we diagnose the gynecomastia and then on the operating room table, I have developed a special table that becomes vertical, we see what needs to be done and we do fluid which is demasin fluid and then we do ultrasound to soften it, and we do some laser to tighten up the skin and we do suction to the remaining breast tissue.

And then when there is loose envelop of skin, we put suture suspension to lift up the loose skin ever so slightly on the chest wall with a suture suspension that is removed in about a week. There's no need to cut around, to make scars and they look as good as they need to be without the scars, without extensive scars and they can go back to the beach, to the swimming pool and to be comfortable by themselves.

The results are seen on the operating room table and in a few days they can enjoy very good results. They may have some swelling for a week, 10 days, but that comes down and they can enjoy going back to normal life. Driving in a couple of days, going to the beach in about a couple of weeks, and they do better and better at a time.

Options for Men Who Want to Lose Their Man Boobs

Dr. Daniel Man talks about the options for reducing male gynecomastia, better known as "man boobs."