Dr. Shelton: So before I do the ulthera I just want to make some marks on your skin. Ultherapy is new treatment designed to provide non-invasive lifting of facial features. Ulthera is a deep, focused ultrasound energy, the same safe energy that has been used to analyze women's tummies when they're pregnant and seeing the babies in the uterus. The ultrasound is actually shown on a monitor for the physician, as the physician delivers the energy to the patient's deep tissues in the face. The collagen that they have in the dermis and in the infrastructure then tightens. This is also a stimulus for more production of collagen, and over six months after the treatment, there's further tightening and lifting.

Woman: The reason why I decided to try ultherapy is because over the years I've noticed that my face has started to sag a little bit and I have a very thin face, so my jowls are not overly noticeable to other people, but I can definitely see them. So I just decided that I wanted to try this because I've known people that had really good results from it and I really wanted my face to be pulled up more, where my cheeks are more where they're supposed to be, as opposed to where they were. I don't think I would ever really want to have a face lift. I don't think I ever want to have one at all. I'm so happy that all this technology is coming out that can do all this stuff non-invasively. That's another reason why I decided to try this because I just do not want to get cut at all.

Dr. Shelton: The wonderful areas for this device, the ulthera, is the forehead and upper eyelid complex. When tightening the forehead and lifting the forehead, the eyebrow and upper eyelid can then lift without direct treatment of the eyelid area itself. The jowl of the lower cheek that starts to hang over the jaw as we age can also lift as a result of the ulthera. We finished the entire right side from the middle of the neck with two passes. So let's have you put your tongue in your cheek here and we'll do it on the other side which we didn't treat. What are you feeling right now?

Woman: It feels a little thick on this side.

Dr. Shelton: It feels a little thicker over here. So we've just finished her entire treatment of the cheeks and neck. And what's nice to see is there's really no downtime. There's no goop. There's no ointment and no dressings. You're not even red anymore. Ulthera is a no downtime procedure. People are able to have the procedure, go home, and the next morning resume their normal activities. It may take approximately an hour and a half, a little more or a little less, to treat the entire face and neck.

Woman: It was tolerable. I got a little uncomfortable twice. It felt like you had little needles going into your face. But most of the time it wasn't that intense. The medication that they give you really tones that down and with the idea that it's going to be worth your while, makes you feel you'll deal with it. It isn't really horrible or anything. I'm looking to my results and when I get my results, I'm sure that little bit of uncomfortableness will be just, like, no big deal.

Dr. Shelton: So if you're interested in a nonsurgical improvement, understanding that ultherapy cannot provide the same great result as a face lift, but can in some people produce significant lifting without surgery, then please call our office for a consultation.

Not Ready For a Facelift: Ultherapy is a Popular, Non-Invasive Alternative

Dr. Ron Shelton explains Ultherapy, a non-invasive skin tightening procedure that uses ultrasound waves to stimulate new collagen growth over time and actively tighten loosening skin.