You know, one easy thing I tell people, and I'm currently at the ASAPS meeting, one easy thing I tell people is really look and see what memberships, what are they a part of? ASAPS is our American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. It really delineates plastic surgeons who are board certified, practicing within their scope and are doing majority of their practice cosmetic in nature, and again that goes back to our techniques. If you are well trained at doing the techniques we're going to get longer term results, and from a safety standpoint I think it's very important to look at those things. Not all surgeons are plastic surgeons unfortunately, that are doing plastic surgery, and it's something that is frustrating. I think the more we educate patients the safer it is for them, and the better their long-term results are.

Buyer Beware: Not All Surgeons Are Plastic Surgeons... Even If They're Performing the Procedures

Dr. Jeremy Benedetti educates us on the differences between a surgeon and a plastic surgeon, and how we can vet for the best doctor.