David: Hello. I'm Dr. David Mabrie of Facial Plastic Surgery in San Francisco. Today we're going to illustrate some treatments of the face with Restylane, Juvederm and Perlane, and Crystal had mentioned her nose. We're going to treat that today non surgically, and what I like to do is... There should be a nice, smooth line that comes from the eyebrow to the tip. When I look here there are some indentations here and there's an indentation here.

So this line is a little irregular and broken. Today we're gonna treat that non-surgically and put some fillers in there and improve the appearance of her nose. Okay?

Crystal: I have one other question, though.

David: Oh, great.

Crystal: The sunglasses? Because it is a filler.

David: Yes.

Crystal: How does it mold? How does it solidify so it doesn't cause indentations?

David: Yeah. That is a great question. So if we're doing a non-surgical Rhinoplasty a lot of people say, "Well, I wear glasses. Is it gonna move the filler around? When does the filler get hardened or stiffened in place?"

So when we put the fillers in and I have another vide of this... They are a soft, jelly-like material, a lot like your skin. They will act like your skin. So they don't ever harden. They will stay soft at all times.

So if you were to take your finger and press down like this without fillers, and hold it for 10 minutes, you might see that. If you wore glasses you might see that. But afterwards you can fluff it back up.

The fillers are gonna be just like your own skin. So you can still wear glasses and you won't have a permanent mark that you get from that.

The first thing I'd like to do... Put your head back for me. I like to draw and see what I call your dorsal aesthetic lines. Then I will look and see where you are missing something. So I really see a lot of indentation between here and here, so we're gonna work on that. Are you ready?

Crystal: Mm-hmm.

David: Yeah. You will feel that a little bit. It's getting rid of concavities and contouring.



It's getting there. So you don't have as much bruising with the nose as you do with the eyes, but every now and then you can get some bruising. So I tell people to be prepared for that.

Okay. Let's say you have an area that has indentation and it's like this and the skin is down there. So when I put the fillers in I kind of fill that in so that the surface is flat.

What I find is that even when the fillers go away, the skin goes down like this, flatter. So even when the fillers are gone it probably won't be as indented. So in your case, where the bone transitioned to the cartilage, there were some areas where the skin was stuck down.

So I have kind of filled that to just make your nose smooth. Like you would powder your nose just to make it smoother, that's what we have done with the fillers. You will find that even when they are gone it will be smoother than it was. Okay?

So your nose is done. That looks pretty good.

Okay, and here we can see Crystal's before and after images. After the non-surgical Rhinoplasty the contour of her nose is smoother, and on the profile view we can see the nasal profile view improvement and the improvement in the lips.

Inside the Doctor's Office: Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Using the Perlane Injection

Dr. David Mabrie performs a non-surgical rhinoplasty using Perlane to improve the shape and contour of a woman's nose.