OK. With regard to a non-surgical or non-invasive liposuction, this has been an area that's been in development for many, many years, but it's really only recently that we have some tools that can target the fat layer, and actually truly reduce the amount of fat tissue there permanently. But I'm going to start by saying that even though this is a very good area and an option for patients that do not want to do surgery that it's never going to quite compare to the results or precision or perfection you can get with well done liposuction in the right hands.

But for those patients that are not wanting to do surgery and are a candidate for something non-surgical, there are some options. The first one was Zeltiq cryolipolysis that came out of a couple years ago. Personally I don't favor it they way in which it works, it works in more of an imprecise way. You can get shells and drop-offs with it, there's not as much tissue retraction. In my practice, for those patients looking for a non-surgical option, I use Liposonix. It's working using focused thermally based ultrasonic energy, and it's much more precise, there's no shells or drop-offs, and you get quite a bit of tissue retraction with it. But again, it's very important to be evaluated for something even non-surgically by somebody who has a lot of experience in liposuction surgery itself because it's a serious re-proportioning, re-balancing procedure even non-surgical.

Non Surgical Liposuction

Doctor David Amron discusses non surgical Liposuction.