Dr. Kimberly Butterwick: Well the other thing that is really, you know, a whole new avenue is body contouring. I do a lot of tumescent liposculpture, but most patients don’t really want to have a procedure. They would rather have.. they don’t want to have surgery. So, they would rather have a fat reducing technique done in the office. And now, there is some actually really effective things that can be done.

It’s not, again, as quite as good as surgery, but you come in, you come out, and what is new is the Cryolipolysis, that’s the Zeltiq machine, the freezing of the fat. This is good if you have a handful of fat. We put a clamp on it. You sit in the office for an hour, and we massage it vigorously afterwards, but you can lose 40% of the fat in that one area. Just, you sit and read a book, and then, the fat cells reduce over the next few months. So, that is very appealing.

And again, in Southern California, we have a lot of people that work out. They try so hard to stay in shape, but there might be a love handle, a little tummy, even the arms that we can do with Cryolipolysis. There are some new radio frequency devices that don’t even have to touch the skin, and those can help you lose about 25% of the fat with one treatment.

So, you know, it’s kind of nice if there is a little problem area in your clothing that you reduce without surgery. This is very popular in our office right now.

Non-Surgical Body Conturing

Doctor Kimberly Butterwick discusses the popularity of non-surgical body contouring procedures, like cryolipolysis, for fat reduction.