Everybody in Hawaii loves going to the beach. We have beaches around every one of our major islands and everyone goes to the beach at a regular basis. In fact, the only people who hate going to the beach are people with man boobs or gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a condition, usually genetic, although very often, secondary to certain drug consumptions that leads to excessive growth of breast ductal tissue. When this ductal tissue is removed, it has to be taken out in pieces. If you take it out as a big lump, you'll get a dent.

The way we do it at my surgicenter is to liposuction the chest first. Liposuctioning the chest allows you to get the majority of, I mean, all of the fat, and the majority, a great deal of the breast tissue out, at least at the periphery. Then, you make a periareolar incision or an incision around the nipple. You go down and you start taking it out piece by piece by piece, and ultimately, that will lead to a very even, even distribution of the skin. Very little gland is left under the nipple but enough is left to avoid having dents.

Gynecomastia is, in fact, one of the biggest problems that inhibits men from going to the beach. Some of them, when they go, will where T-shirts over, over their chest, which is even more embarrassing. So, in Hawaii, a surgery that's done quite often by plastic surgeons is the excision or removal of gynecomastia tissue on a man.

By the way, I'm Larry Schlesinger from Hawaii. Thank you very much.

No More Man-Boobs On The Beach In Hawaii

Dr. Larry Schlesinger of Honolulu tells you how guys in Hawaii are getting rid of their man boobs.