I love to inject patient's lips. Years ago the joke was, people got injected and looked like Goldie Hahn from First Wives Club. No one wants to look that way, in fact that was actually water that was injected into her lips. What's beautiful about injecting today's lips is that there is a myriad of products that you can use.

The key to having a perfect lip is choosing the right injectible for that particular patient. If someone has full lips to start with, you never want to overfill those lips. The same with if someone has fine lips and has a very small facial anatomy, you don't want to over volumize them. Nowadays, we have many different injectibles to choose from to give you the perfect lip, but it's really an art, more than anything else.

Patients always ask me "Which is the best injectible for the lip?" There is no one perfect injectible. It really depends on the individual patient. It depends on what look and what natural facial injections they want to accomplish.

What I feel my greatest strength is, is having injected for over 20 years now, is finding and customizing the particular injection that's right for the patient. There is no perfect injectible, but there is however a perfect injectible for that particular patient. So when you come to my office, we're going to decide together what your goals are based on what you want to look like and what your facial anatomy is. One of my strengths is customizing those injectibles for the particular patient so that you look natural. The best compliment that I get from my patients is that their friends think they look better but have no idea that they got injected. That, to me, is the highest compliment that they can give me.

No More Goldie Hawn Lips! Here's How Fillers Should Be Used

Dr. Michele Green talks about patients' fears of the Goldie Hawn lips from "The First Wives Club" and how modern fillers and practices are all about achieving a natural result.