Next question is from RealSelf. "I'm 11 months post-op and still no signs of nipple sensation. Is it possible that I'm in the 10 to 15% of women that lose their sensation completely?" This is from Brisbane, California.

I'm sorry that you're having any difficulties right now. Hopefully the overall experience of the breast augmentation and the other results were great. It is possible. No one has a crystal ball and you can't predict the future. It's very low in general, much lower than 10 to 15%. Usually it's below 10% of women that actually completely lose sensation, especially from a bilateral sense of sensation loss. It can take up to one to two years and questions that I'd want to ask you are, "What's your overall health? Are you a smoker? Do you have diabetes? Do you have any autoimmune disease? Do you have any neurovascular disease that would otherwise compromise the area?"

I think I wouldn't give up hope yet. There's really not much you can do than just give things time. You may start to feel some redevelopment of the nerves, which would be small electrical sensations like if you've fallen asleep on your hand, your leg and you're just kind of waking up and tingling. So give things time. Try to be optimistic. Hopefully you're going to kind of come through this in the next few months and things will start to improve.

Loss of Nipple Sensation After Breast Augmentation: How Long Will It Last?

Dr. Shaun Parson answers another RealSelf user who is asking about nipple sensation loss following breast augmentation surgery.