Dr. Rami Ghurani: A Brazilian Butt Lift is basically a very good liposuction procedure combined with fat transfer, which is using the patient’s own fat and placing it in the gluteal area—in the buttocks area—to improve the shape, enhance the projection, and enhance the curves.

Patients that are good candidates…is a spectrum. We can’t always get the same result for the…different patients. We can’t get the exact same result for each patient, but what I try to do is…

I try to tailor the results to the patient. To the individual. I start out by giving them the best contour that I can possibly give them.

By enhancing their waist, lengthening their torso, giving them the quote unquote… “the hourglass.” And then after that’s done, the good fat that we have harvested gets transferred to their gluteal area.

A lot of patients like to have more curves on the hips, and that’s what I try to enhance. Then on the side view, they want the bubble—the projection.

So that when they’re wearing their clothes or their pants, or…when they’re on the beach, they can have that very nice inverted heart or bubble shape.


Liposuction and Fat Transfer for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Rami Ghurani discusses the Brazilian Butt Lift and who is a good candidate for the combined procedures.