Breast lift surgery, we’ve seen many major advances over the last few years. Originally breast lift was done with an anchor incision leaving very bad scarring. Today we can do a breast lift with virtually no visible scar. The scar is done around the areola and very well camouflaged so you can hardly see it.

We also do not rely on just the skin to tighten the breast. We do a lot of internal tightening and we elevate the upper portion of the breast. This has been made possible by the introduction of new absorbable measures. They’re like scaffolds that we suture internally. Eventually they absorb and they’re no longer there, but they form scar tissue and enable the breast to be anchored at a higher level.

How Are Breast Lift Techniques Advancing?

Dr. Hilton Becker discusses some new Breast Lift options including advances in the scarless technique and the internal breast lift technique.