One of the most exciting technologies that's been introduced in the last several years for plastic surgeons is the Neograft hair restoration program. The best method for hair restoration is without a doubt, hair transplantation. Unfortunately, in the past, this required harvesting a strip of hair from the back of the scalp, leaving a scar. The Neograft system allows us to harvest one follicular unit at a time over a broad area, leaving no scar, and allowing us to transplant those follicular units to the area where hair loss has occurred.

I think Neograft and hair restoration in general is best performed by a plastic surgeon, because we are the surgeons who have the experience in transplantation.

NeoGraft - The Exciting New Technology for Hair Restoration

Doctor Dustin Reid discusses one of the most exciting technologies used for Hair Restoration. He explains how the NeoGraft system allows doctors to harvest one follicular unit of hair at a time.