A good candidate for a neck lift procedure is a patient who is starting to see sagging in the neck, but is not concerned with any of the lower face or jawline. These are usually patients of mine who are men, who are not looking to see any changes to the face, but are concerned with the appearance of a wattle neck or turkey neck.

A neck lift surgery is performed by placing incisions behind the ear and the hairline, the skin is raised, and the neck muscles are tightened to reduce the signs of the sagging in the neck. The wattle that we see is removed by tightening the muscles.

The recover time from a neck lift is about one to two weeks. After the surgery, I normally have patients use a cooling mask, which diminishes the bruising and swelling. The second thing I use is post-operative vitamins that also diminish the bruising and swelling.

Neck Lifts Are Popular With Men Concerned About "Turkey Neck"

Dr. Kristina Tansavatdi notes that neck lifts are a popular procedure for men who are uncomfortable with the sagging and changed of the skin on their necks.