Along with rejuvenating the face women are also interested in getting their bodies looking the best that they can. So a lot of things that we also do are liposuction and fat reduction both via liposuction as well as non-invasive means. Lots of times today, women are looking for, just as they're looking for kind of a natural look in their face, they're also looking for a kind of a more natural look in their body. And often we need to actually help patients understand their own proportions in their own body. How you know if they have some fullness through the belly and some fullness through the thighs and a little bit on top, if you make a totally flat belly it looks different compared to the rest of their body. So we have to teach and educate the patient how to make everything in balance and to proportion to match the rest of their body.

So in addition to doing the face and actually paying a lot of attention to the individual fat, we do the same thing when we talk about body contouring. And those body contouring things can again be achieved via liposuction or non-invasive things such as Zeltiq, and then we also do some work on cellulite as well.

Natural Results with Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Doctor Karyn Grossman discusses how to achieve natural looking results with body contouring.