Ninety-nine percent of my patients, I go under the muscle. When I say under the muscle, not only do I go under the pec major muscle, which is the classic sub-muscular implant, I go under the pec major, pectoralis minor, the abdominal muscle, upper part of the rectus abdominis and under the serratus muscle coming along the side. I achieve 100% muscle coverage. I find it gives me more natural-looking breast implant. In addition, it works almost like an anatomic bra that actually keeps my implants from moving for a much longer period of time. I've had patients come back 15, 20 years later and still have 90% of the original position of the breast.

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation Placement Under the Muscle

For a natural looking breast augmentation result, Dr. Richard Glunk places his implants under the muscle.