Robert: Facial rejuvenation has come a long way. Our goal is to achieve your goal. Through various new techniques, premature facial aging can be obliterated. For instance, we divide the face into several areas. The brow and the eyelids is our number one area. Number two is the mid-face and the nose, and then lastly, the chin and the neck. Through recent techniques, we now can make small incisions, lift the brow, remove frowning muscles, to achieve a more natural, sophisticated look.

Della: Often, the eyelid skin is one of the first signs of facial aging. We're able to tighten that skin, remove some excess, also tightening and removing some of the fat to give you a more youthful appearance and open up the eye.

Robert: And to compliment the eye is the nose. Through small incisions that are well hidden, mostly internal, we can remove that hump. We can go ahead and reduce the nostril size and bring the nose into harmony.

Della: Also, some of these lines on your face around the nasolabial folds, the lips, and along the jawline, we can use nonsurgical techniques using fillers or your own fat to soften those lines and rejuvenate the face.

Robert: One of the tell-tale signs of premature aging of the face is the neck, often referred to as the 'gobbler neck deformity' or the jaws. Through modern techniques, we can give a natural look, minimal incisions that are hidden. The difference is the way that we do is we tighten the muscles. This gives a natural contour, and we gently re-drape the skin, so you don't have the wind-blown look. Our goal is to have a natural, youthful, sophisticated look.

Della: We also have a nonsurgical option we call 'liquid face lifting.' We are able to use a variety of facial fillers to build up the support structures of the face, and then adding Thermage to tighten the skin to give a more youthful, rejuvenated face with minimal downtime.

Robert: The advantage is there's no surgery and you can go back to work in an hour.

Natural Facial Rejuvenation: "Premature Facial Aging Can Be Obliterated”

Dr. Robert Hardesty and Dr. Della Bennett explain several aspects of facial rejuvenation that can be used to produce a natural looking result.