Dr. Rick here for another Question of the Day. After rhinoplasty or nasal surgery lots of patients ask "How long am I going to be swollen? When can I expect to see my final result?" What you need to know is that you will have probably about 95% of your swelling will go down by about six weeks, but that last 5% takes up to a whole year. So the changes that you'll see with your nose after rhinoplasty surgery really do take quite a long time.

There's certain things that you will notice right away that look different. A lot of patients when the initial dressings come off, they kind of freak out a little bit because there's a lot of swelling and people get nervous, and what I would encourage you to think about when you're either thinking of having rhinoplasty surgery or if you have had rhinoplasty surgery is when the dressings come off just be patient. It takes months for the final result to show itself. So it takes months, expect that it's going to take months. It's not an overnight success type of situation, but slowly over time over the course of months as swelling goes down and the skin conforms to the new structures that we've created beneath them, you'll see the result that you're looking for. If you'd like to have a rhinoplasty, come see me, it's my favorite operation. We'll see you next time.

"My Nose Looks Horrible After Rhinoplasty" — What to Expect at the Reveal

Dr. Richard Brown discusses expectations of a rhinoplasty surgery and how to prepare yourself for what you might see once the bandages come off for the first time.