With regard to the most common causes for revisional liposuction surgery, first of all, there's a website I have called, which is very extensive and goes into a lot of detail about my approach to revisional work. In the United States, the rate for revisional liposuction surgery is one of the highest for any cosmetic surgery, about one in four patients. My own particular rate for revision in the work that I do is about one in a thousand.

In that website,, it goes into different categories of the revision word that I do. Sometimes it wasn't done completely enough, and that's usually an easy thing to fix and go back and do it more completely. Sometimes it was done too aggressively, and that can be a more difficult thing to repair, in terms of doing fat grafting into areas.

Many times the surgeon has created dis-proportion and an unnatural shape, and it's my job to go back in and create a more natural proportion or proper balance to the person. Sometimes there's shelves or drop-offs, where I go and have to blend areas. And then the typical irregularities and ripples and indentations that can come about if liposuction is done poorly, and in those cases, I many times will go in and smooth the area out. I will many times do skin-tightening procedures, and then I will also employ fat grafting to correct the irregularities.

Most Common Causes for Liposuction Revision

Doctor David Amron discusses common causes for Liposuction revision.