Next question from RealSelf comes from Pensacola, Florida. And they write, "I had a mommy makeover almost six weeks ago. Is swelling almost six weeks after surgery normal?" You know, great question. I know when you finish with surgery and especially after the first couple of weeks, you want to be finished. For mommy makeover, which is usually a sub-type of a breast augmentation or a breast augmentation and the lift and a tummy tuck, it usually takes... It kind of goes in two-week blocks.

So the first two weeks, you're still sore. You may have to have drains with the tummy procedure. Weeks three and four, you're starting to feel better, drains are usually out. By weeks five and six, you're kind of feeling like you're back to normal. You're starting to exercise and do normal life activities but truthfully it can take up to certainly a number of months but even up to a year for all the swelling to go away.

So don't give up. Everything's going to continue to improve. You're going to have significant improvement from where you are to the next six, nine, twelve months. So hang in there. Make sure that you stay in close contact with your surgeon and involve them in the process as well.

Swelling After a Mommy Makeover: What's Normal and What's Cause For Concern

Dr. Shaun Parson answers a RealSelf viewer who asks about the swelling she is experiencing following a Mommy Makeover.