Operations on the nose or rhinoplasty or the nose job is considered by facial plastic surgeons and plastic surgeons alike to be probably the most difficult of all facial plastic surgeries. At least it was until face transplants but in terms of cosmetic procedures, it's very difficult because it involves great artistic vision, great surgical skills and an eye to sculpting. So many patients are out there who have something that's bothered them about their nose for their entire life, but they're afraid to have it fixed or have something done about it because they don't want to look like they've had a nose job or a rhinoplasty and that doesn't have to be the case. If somebody comes in with a little bump or a little something to their tip, that can be addressed without them looking like they've had a nose job.

So the subtle rhinoplasty is something that's available. Unfortunately, so many people don't know that it's there but, again, if you do your due diligence and you find the proper surgeon, you don't have to have that cookie cutter done rhinoplasty but you can get rid of that little thing that's bothered you your whole life, in, again, a simple, easy, effective, and safe way.

What the Heck Is a "Subtle Rhinoplasty?" — Gets Results Without Surgery

Surgery isn't for everyone. Dr. Michael Persky explains what he calls a "subtle rhinoplasty" and how this minimally-invasive approach can provide results without going under the knife.